(All Governors can be contacted via the school)


Our Governing Body is responsible for ensuring that our School conforms with the legal guidelines laid down by Parliament and the Local Education Authority (LEA).

Together with the professionals in school we share responsibility for:

  • The school's standards
  • Its value for money
  • Its proper management
  • Its fairness in dealing with its staff and pupils
  • Its communication with parents and the public

Our responsibility is for overall policy. The day-to-day business of organising children's learning and of managing time, space, staff and resources is for the professional team led by the headteacher.

Individual governors have no power; the authority we have comes from working together as a governing body. With the professional staff at our school we try to provide the best possible education for all the children.

The governing body must ensure that in delivering its responsibilities, it promotes and safeguards the welfare of children.

The Governors act through a series of committees. Minutes of their meetings are available for all to read. Please ask in the school office. Additionally the Governors produce an Annual Report for Parents.

 The Chair of the Governing Body, can be contacted via the School.

Message from – Chair of Governors:

‘As a governing body, we are committed to ensuring that our status as a church school is recognised as making a real difference to the way the school is run. We pride ourselves that the school community is built on Christian values and principles such as love and forgiveness. There is a strong and enduring relationship with the Rector and God’s people at St. Mary’s Church and other local Christian churches.’

 Our School Governing Body consists of:


 Parents’ Contributions to School Funds

As you will be aware St Mary’s is a Voluntary Aided School.  It is funded partly by the Local Authority (Barnet Council) partly by the Diocese of St Albans, and partly by the Governors. 

The school usually receives grants to fund improvement projects to the school but, for each one, the Governors are required to make a contribution of 10% of the costs. Your contributions towards the school funds helps enable the Governors to meet their obligations and ensure the school continues to provide the best possible environment for the children.

In recent years, your support has funded several major projects to improve the school:

  •  Improved security entrance
  • Outdoor classroom for Reception 
  •  Improved toilets
  •  Improvements to ICT facilities
  •  Replacement double glazing
  •  Replacement radiators
  •  Improved computer suites
  •  Enhanced space in Reception classroom

To ensure that we can continue to keep making necessary future improvements to school, we would ask parents/carers to make the following contribution for the 2017/2018 school year:

 £70 for one child  £100 for two children  £130 for three or more children

Details of how to pay are on a separate sheet. Gift Aid Form. Contributions can be made via 

It would be greatly appreciated if you would return the payment and form as soon as possible and no later than the end of October annually.  If you have any queries, please write to the Governors care of the school.

Your continued support is greatly appreciated as we continue to make improvements from which all children benefit.

Keith Reynolds, Chair of Governors