Science Day 2014

Thank you so much to parents and careers for their support in helping the children enter into the spirit of the day. Dressing up as scientists set the tone for a wonderful day of experiments in the classroom along with demonstrations from Dr Mark. In the afternoon we had a question and answer session with a panel consisting of our own Mr Murray (former detective with forensics experience), 2 A level students from East Barnet, Dr Mark and Sally Hart, mother of Lucas in year 3, who is a vet.The questions ranged from ‘What has science got to do with the police’, ‘What inspired you to be a vet? ‘How did you become a scientist? to ‘What is special about science?

By the end of the day everyone agreed that science is special, it is everywhere and in everyone’s life every day. ¾ of the children said that they would like to be scientists!

A very successful day of all children and staff and one which will inspire some children to develop their interests in careers in the future.